Prayer List

Praise and Thanksgiving


Nursing Home & Shut In

Frank Berry

Alene Blackmoore – Amarillo

J.R. Davison – Dumas

Yvonne Elliott – Amarillo

Verna Long – Friona

Jean Mason

Nellie Miller – Stratford

Jerry Moore – Stratford

Adele Roberson

Don Sibley

Roy Thompson

Clara Thrasher – Stratford


Spiritual Need & Concern

Margaret Anderson

Shannon & Trina Burke – unspoken

Terry Davidson

Dr. Anthony Jordan / Baptist Bldg. OK City

Falls Creek Campaign

Betty Flanagan – unspoken

Judy & Tom Frizzell

Sister & husband of Loreta Henderson

Sid Hill

Tiffany Jones

Mary Keeney

Rick & Ladena Kibbe

Jeanette Sistrank

Dennis Stoddard

Wilma Mattocks

Ministries of our Church


Junior Church Ministry

Senior Ministry

Pastorless Churches

Boise City


Church @ Glusk




David Griffing Family

Connie Potter – unspoken

Crystal & Jeff Potter

Kenneth Potter

Logan Potter

President/Vice President

Our nation

Fayla Ray

Senior Adult Assn. Program

Mark & Shelly Ross

Mac & Debbie Shafer

Twombly family

Search Committee – D.O.M.





Wendle Ashby – Russia

Amanda Danek

Georgia Davidson

Last Frontier Missionaries

Scott & Susan Oldaker

Gary & Michelle Robertson – Malwi

Bob & Rochelle Rust – Mexico

Brad & Sally Womble

Von, Marge & Vance Worton


Illness & Healing

Ed Abel

Sharon Barber

Grace Barnard (Tommy Jones’ MIL)

Julie Berry

Frank & Glenda Ruth Berry

Mandi Berry

Ava Lou Bingley

Eve Birt

Delta Boothby

Frank Boothby

Reola Boothby

Don Burke (Shannon’s dad)

Bernice Christian

Susie Cline

Sue Cogburn

Claudia & John Cole

John Cole Jr.

Mary Bell Davison

Latrell Denton

Kenny Denton

Iva Elliott

Becky Elliott

Delbert Elliott (Emery’s cousin)

Doug Elliott (Emery’s brother)

Patty Elliott

Shane Elliott

Al Fetterly

Billie Fitzgerald

Betty Flanagan

Freda May Fowler

Tina Good – lupus

Sherman Gore

David Green

Dale Hamilton

Frankie Hardin (Peggy T’s sister)

Deanna Heidman (John’s daughter)

Don HeSchmidt – hip replacement

Arla Hiner – liver

Stan Hinds

Perry Hitchings

Kaylee Holt

Landry Hoskins – leukemia

Linda Huse

Kevin James

Nina James

Dorothy Johnson (hearing)

Chester Johnson – lungs

Sharon Jones – foot

Paula Jean King & granddaughter

Wally & Juanita Kinser

Lisle Kittle

Pat Kittle

Teddy Kneeling

Drew Luelen (Tracey Kincannon’s nephew)

Martha -Betty’s sister

Michael Mattocks

Sawyer Meyer

LaNetta Montgomery

Betty McCutchin’s daughter – cancer

Howard & Valorie Naugle

Retta Norris – radiation

Betty Lou O’Brien (Julie’s aunt)

Wayne Overton

J.A. Palmer

Nina Phares (Emery’s aunt)

Peggy Pierce – kidney disease

Connie Potter

Martha Reaves -Chester’s sister

Dennis Reed – bypass surgery

Richard Reed

Butch Rhoden

Ola Mae Rhoden – knee

Cheryl Rhoden

Dean & Bernita Richards

Lavada Rogers

Susan Russell

Carrie Schafer – cancer (AP’s aunt)

Jane Sewell

Anita Smith (Linda Hoover’s niece) – chemo

Clay Smith

Mary Smith

Bonnie Stephens

Lori Taylor

Peggy Thomason

Roy Thompson

Raymond Thrasher

Ted & Art Twombly

Buzz & Maxine Wallace (Mary Lou’s sister)

Pam Wadley

Cayton Welch

Mike Wilkins – cancer

Short Winters

Zachary White

Maxine Woodward



Freedom Eslinger

Brandon Van Meter – Iraq

Brian Norris – Iraq






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  1. Let us recall that Thursday is the national day of prayer. Our nation needs to be at the top of the list.



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